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Find the best restaurants that suit your taste in Stockholm

October 4, 2018

As people don’t have the same taste, they certainly don’t have the same interest or motivation for restaurants. Have you heard of the Latin proverb “de gustibus et coloribus non disputandum” before ? that’s to say there is no arguing about matters of tastes and colors.

If so, why do restaurant guides want to make one restaurant “the best” over others? Make no mistakes my best restaurant is not always your best restaurant no matter the number of stars it has. There are multiple reasons why you choose to visit one specific restaurant:


The food:
From the taste of the dishes themselves to the way each ingredient is sourced.

The service:
Perhaps it’s a favorite server, or the feeling of being recognized by everyone on staff when you walk through the door.

The ambiance:
how does it feel? Interior design, color, sounds, lights, spacing, tone and voice of the staff…

Culinary hunter:
You love exploring different culinary experiences

You love exploring prestigious top stars restaurants …



We believe eating is personal and therefore you deserve proper answers and suggestions different from just “Best restaurant”.

Stockholm: Is it all about meatballs and lingonberry jam? Certainly not. International and modern dishes have grown exponentially in Sweden over the recent years. So, you have the choice stay will the traditional dishes or explore beautiful, creative culinary restaurants. Whatsoever, knowing where to go is the most crucial step that Epic Eats App can fix for you with no hassle. We recon it is magical…


Have you heard of:

Frantzén, the first Swedish restaurant to receive three stars from Guide Michelin (2018). Michael Ellis, International Director of Michelin Guides, describes Frantzén’s food art an experience worth the trip.

“Björn Frantzén has created a unique vision of Nordic cuisine, combining sublime ingredients with astounding culinary techniques. Björn Frantzén’s gastronomic expression is truly worth the journey, and is a gustatory experience like no other.”

The interest in the pricy restaurant will not be reduced – with only 23 seats it is safe to say that the waiting list will grow even longer. For 3000 SEK you will be able to try a world-class tasting menu with influences from modern Nordic cuisine as well as Japanese.

Most dishes are bite-size and are prepared with out-of-the-world creativity, for example, lobster is sided with algae and herb emulsion as sashimi and green apples are paired with pea shoots to make juice. A wide variety of common and uncommon vegetables is the star of the meal. One of Frantzén’s signature dishes, satio tempestas, comes with 46 ingredients all plucked out from the restaurant’s garden.


Adam/Albin offers a contemporary Swedish restaurant experience far from the traditional fine dining restaurant. They are inspired by all the great cooking you can find around the world but the base of their cooking is founded in the Swedish gastronomic heritage.The restaurant has two menus:

The Green Menu – 895 SEKThis menu consists of 5 courses. You select each course individually based on your personal preferences. This way they are able to give you a vivid experience of our cooking and culinary philosophy.

The Blue Menu – 1595 SEK Adam & Albin has created a 10-course fixed menu, each course served unconventionally.
The Blue Menu is their complete gastronomic experience: the best way to enjoy the offerings. The Blue Menu utilizes varied produce and ingredients vital to maintaining the integrity of Adam & Albin´s cuisine, therefore the ability to adapt to allergies and dietary restrictions is limited.



Operakällaren : Many people find Operakällaren’s Main Dining Room to be one of Sweden’s most beautiful with its original interior of wall paintings, gilded oak panels, suspended panel ceiling and impressive chandeliers. With the addition of large mirrors, new furniture and fixtures, it has been transformed into a modern restaurant.

The Main Dining Room serves international haute cuisine, signed by Stefano Catenacci. Operakällaren has been honored with a star and five red ‘Couvert symbols’, crossed forks and spoons, in Guide Michelin, and a membership in the prestigious association of restaurants “Les Grandes Tables du Monde/Traditions & Qualité”.



Volt :The kitchen is as closely connected to nature and far from industrially produced food as one can get. They keep the menu clearly focused on ingredients and produce from the forest, fields and seas that surround us. Natural, distinct and honest.

They only collaborate with producers who share quest and who closely follow the changing seasons so they can constantly move forward together!


Soyokaze:Batjargal Ochirbat’s Soyokaze has been the talk of the town since its opening in late 2016. The small 12 seat restaurant serves its exclusive sushi Omakase-style, roughly translated “I trust you”. In other words, the menu is up to the chef who makes and serves the exclusive sushi one at a time.

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