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Launch of Epic Eats App

October 4, 2018

Fantastic! Finding restaurants is now easy with Epic Eats on the market. We are, proud to announce that Epic Eats which is our amazing App, vital in finding restaurants has been launched this week.

We understand how hard and time consuming it is for you to find your favorite restaurants due to scattered restaurant’s info all over the web, let alone untruthful reviews that you get from random people.

We understand that “taste is personal” and “time is money” that’s why we focus on personalized recommendations and by doing so, we ultimately shorten the decision-making time of the users of the App.

We are experts in finding restaurants you will love. We give you the best and reliable local review with food experts opinion on it and we help you make a fast decision with no hassle.

With Epic Eats, change your life with the most exciting restaurants you have never heard of


All you need is to download the App and have your dream food experience wherever you go.

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