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Truth about reviews on restaurants

October 12, 2018

No one can argue with the importance of reviews in finding a suitable restaurant if they are unbiased, honest and reflect true eating experiences acquired by real people (not bots). Untruth and arranged reviews have the opposite effect. They misguide, mislead people to restaurants that they will never visit if guided properly.

If you like eating out, you certainly know what we are talking about here. Most likely you have already visited a number of restaurants because of random embellished reviews that you read and they turned out to be the last restaurants you would choose to eat at.

That’s not surprising! Think about this, if you are a restaurant owner and the success of your business is entirely or partly depending on the stand of your place (reviews) on internet, would you not find it appealing to give a kick to the reviews aspect of your business through friends, acquaintances?

Very easy! you can just call your friends and have them make the most beautiful comment ever about your place. If you don’t have friends at all which is unlikely being in restaurant business, you can still make deals with random people. Offer money, free food, free drink, whatever … and have them write great comments about your place. Anyways you can get away with it because of the widespread reviews throughout the world hence difficult to investigate all of them.

Worst, it is even possible to rank a fake restaurant to the top-rated restaurant as it has been the case of The Shed…

The Shed

Here is the thing you can’t trust everybody. You have certainly heard of “The Shed at Dulwich” that was London’s top-rated restaurant. It was the unique restaurant and certainly the hardest restaurant to get into. It beat out thousands of upscale restaurants to earn the top ranking on TripAdvisor for a time, drawing a flood of interest.

There was just one problem: “It didn’t exist.” “All fake”.


Doing a simple research on internet is certainly not enough to avoid making the wrong choice because a lot of restaurants have a stand online that differs from the actual stand. No worries! using Epic Eats app can help you avoid making mistake.

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