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Tipping at Restaurants in Stockholm Vs. US

October 15, 2018

Surprisingly, tipping in the States has become almost compulsory “you have to tip and tip well” contrary to Europe where the tipping concept originated even.

You have probably heard of stories where people having been pushed out of the restaurant door by a crying waitress or customers’ cars being banged by waiters because they did not give any tip. You have got know that bunch of waiters in the US get much less than the minimum federal wage. That is because they are expected to get tips from customers. In some places, the tip maybe automatically written on the bill.

Tipping around 15 to 25 percent of the total bill is normal. But in high-end places they will hope you to tip around 25%. Anyhow, make sure you are asking directly the staff for guidance as tipping varies a lot from places to places so you don’t end up in an embarrassing situation.


Tipping in Stockholm varies a lot from tipping in the US. Actually, the word kept its meaning in Sweden “gratitude” not “fine”.

One explanation of the high cost of restaurants’ bills in Stockholm could be that services are included in the bill in general. Tip or no Tip, the waiter/waitress will make a living wage.

The common practice is that people will round up to nearest Big number. Eg: For a meal of 270SEK, 300SEK Should cover it. for 360SEK, 400 should do. The staff understand the gratitude dimension of tipping and they will be grateful whenever you tip and will still not be mad if you decide not to tip at all.


Anyhow, we at Epic Eats believe that a good service deserves gratitude.

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