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Epic Eats Foodie Presentation: OsloNam

October 30, 2018

We are now facing a time where people are increasingly taking seriously into account information provided by blogs prior to visiting a restaurant. Be aware that a number of blogs are unreliable since they are occupied by advertising and posting anything that can make you like them.

A lot of foodies only care about influence, number of followers, post reach… but what about credibility and honesty? Well, many of them just “don’t care”. We call them “simple-minded bloggers”.

Epic Eats has searched and found the best foodies to feature in the app. The foodies are food experts in their respective cities and eating out at restaurants, is their hobby. They know exactly what’s hot at the moment. We collect and feature the best of them for our app users to access the best possible information on food and restaurants wherever they go.



Today, we’re really proud to present the first one here in a blog post. Straight from Oslo, Norway we give you the rising foodie star, @OsloNam!

OsloNam is a food and restaurant blog which is composed of 80% restaurant food reviews, 10% food products reviews and 10% the blogger’s own food and drinks recipes. Everything that has something to do with food. The blog is founded and manage by MY who lives and works in Oslo.


OsloNam’s story by MY:

1-    Can you tell us about your story? How come you started with OsloNam?

Back in 2017 I used to work fulltime 8-16 everyday in the office, it didn’t feel right, to be honest it was really boring, it made me realized that it was time to chase after my biggest passion in life; food. But I didn’t have any culinary experience or education, so what do you do? You make a name for yourself! So I started researching my future competition, and created something that I liked and something that would be an unique addition to the existing food blog market.

Born in Norway, I am originally from Vietnam and I have been in Vietnam more than 10 times. My best food memories are from eating street food in a dirty and noisy corner on a short uncomfortable chair, amazing! That’s the reason why my blog is not about restaurant interior, service or atmosphere, all I care about is the taste of the food, so again as I have mention, my blog is all about food.

2-    What is the purpose or what do you want to achieve with OsloNam?

When I first started the blog my goal was to get into restaurant and food industry. After working hard everyday for more than a year with content creating, blog collabs and as a independent restaurant agent, I am so happy and lucky to see that it happened so quick! One can say that I have already reached my goal, now my next goal will be to increase my following on social media and continue to create better and reliable content for my followers. I will never stop learning and get better.

3-    Which restaurant are you really looking forwards to visiting? (in Oslo or elsewhere)

Oh, there is a lot of things happening here in Oslo! My list is very long, I still haven’t visited all the “classic” places here in Oslo like; Palace Grill, Bon Lio, Trattoria Populare, Statsholdersgaarden, Kolonihagen og Vineria ventidue.

But my next visit will probably be one of these: Arakataka, The Golden Chimp, Pintxos, Fyr Bistro, A l´aise, Kontrast and Galt.

4-    Anything else you will like to mention about you?

OsloNam is my biggest passion and I will blog forever.

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