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Importance of Booking a Table

November 19, 2018

It is ridiculous how hard it is to find a table at restaurants in big cities sometimes. Despite that fact some people still prefer to just show up at restaurants without booking a table in advance. It is ok if you are living in a tiny city or a small village where the number of table is more than the total number of inhabitants.

Seriously you can’t act like that in big cities. If you do, there are risks that you will spend hours visiting tens of restaurants without finding a place to seat. You might end up buying a sad take away burger or a cold roasted chicken from a grocery shop.

Let’s assume you are a lucky restaurant hunter. There is a high chance that the restaurant will find you a small place far away in a dark corner where you don’t get the chance to admire the view nor the ambiance of the place. You therefore have two options:

  • Accept your situation, freeze in your little corner, eat very fast without getting a chance to enjoy the taste of the food and yell at the waiter/waitress so he/she can bring you the bill. You might have to shout many time since the waiter is probably very far from where you are sitting.


  • Be fake and creative! Fake a food allergy for the whole menu, find excuses (it might sound stupid anyways). Anyhow you will still need to eat something so the hunt continues….

Really why do you want to torture yourself that way while you can download Epic Eats App for free and make free table booking wherever you are.

Download the App, find your table with your taste and keep your smile.

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